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Spring Parade

3 May Spring Parade - Featured

This Sunday, unlike other sundays, is gonna be monumental. As a young Malaysian, this 13th general elections sets the bar for our futures. The months (years, really) of bickering between the parties will finally see fruition!

I’ve seen friends who used to scoff at the subject of politics suddenly flood their Facebook walls with all manner of elections related, campaign related, campaigners related content. Did you know that our 1st-time voters make up a whopping 30% of the 13million existing voters? That’s how much we, as a nation, and as owners of this beautiful country, love Malaysia. It’s also a reminder of how strong just one vote is. It is our duty as citizens and our responsibility as taxpayers to vote, not for our own selfish short-term needs, but for the future and for the generations to come.

I’ve sung Negaraku every Monday for 12 years in school and I know the Rukunegara by heart. All my family is in Malaysia and I do not have any affliations to China. I don’t even know how to read and write in Chinese and my Cantonese is atrocious. I only love one country. This country. And if it comes down to it, will only shed blood for one country. This country.

My dear friends, we are the same. It doesn’t matter what our ethnicity is. We are Malaysians. We went to the same school. We played the same games. We enjoy the same amount of public holidays. We have the same memories. Most importantly, we share the same home. Neither of us are more Malaysian than the other. Neither of us should be made to feel that way.

– Amelia Tan, GE13: To my dearest BN supporting friends

Today, our Spring Parade is a symbol of unity, of fairness, of integration, and of a greater Malaysia. (Malaysian Spring)

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Santa Suit

19 Dec Santa Suit - Featured

Santa by Thomas Nast

Did you know that the first illustrations of Santa and his infamous fur lined red suit started in the 19th Century? Illustrations by artist Thomas Nast had surfaced in the early 1900s that would later be made popular by none other than the official sponsors of everything, Coca Cola. Though the image of our modern day Santa’s true origins are still very much debatable, his red suit is undeniably Coca Cola. Santa used to also wear green suits and tan suits back then before he got splashed onto Coke’s advertisements wearing the company’s colour and a jolly round belly. Thus was born the era of the red suited Santa.

If you found this little information tid-bit terribly dull, well, so did I. I couldn’t really care much about Santa’s suit, but apparently people on the interwebs do! So, I should too! Here’s my version of the Santa Suit! It’s red and white and fluffy around the edges too.

Santa Suit - Closeup

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Tau Foo Fah Shot

20 Sep Tau Foo Fah Shot - Featured

This is a really fun one. I’m not quite sure what possessed us to give this a shot (wah, punny ah you), but it just came to us. Maybe it was a random tau foo fah craving. Or a lazy way of making “jello” shots, but it happened.

This is one of the easiest things you could ever make. The alcohol content in this one is so low it may as well be virgin. It’s really more of a dessert shooter. So yes, what you’ll need to make this is tau foo fah, gula melaka (just ask the tau foo fah man to separately pack some ‘black sugar’ for you), and Irish Cream.

Tau Foo Fah Shot - What You Need

Bailey’s Irish Cream; Gula Melaka; Tau Foo Fah

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15 Sep Spiderman - Featured

The day we came home with our 1st stash of liqueurs was like coming home with the biggest Lego set as a kid. We were so excited! We sat down with all our bottles and brought out the shot glasses. We tasted every one. And that was how the Spiderman happened. And really, that was how Spiderman happened too, right? Curiosity.

So anyway, what you’ll need for the Spiderman is vodka, blue curacao, and grenadine syrup.

Spiderman - What You Need

Wenneker Blue Curacao; Absolut 100 Vodka; Bols Grenadine Syrup

Spiderman - Portions


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Bazooka Joe

1 Aug Bazooka Joe - Feature

As our 1st attempt at mixing, this was a relatively fun drink to start with. We had quite a bit of head scratching moments when the blue-green layer became just one green layer. See, the thing about layered drinks is that you need to experiment with liquid densities so that you don’t mess up the colours, and you need to have a very steady hand. Unfortunately, I don’t have the steadiest of hands, but all things can be trained. Just hold your breath, and pour. We made several attempts and this is the one that succeeded finally.

The Bazooka Joe is a beautiful layered shot with a creamy quality and a bubblegum-y sweet flavour. Some variants of this drink says to shake it up and then serve, but we felt that the colours are just too pretty to mix, and it’s a shot anyway. It can mix on its own, on its way down your esophagus. Ok, what you need for this shot is Irish Cream, Blue Curacao, and banana liqueur.

Bazooka Joe - What You Need

Baileys Irish Cream; Wenneker Blue Curacao; Wenneker Creme De Banane

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