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Cham Cham Guide to an MBPJ Dog License

29 May MBPJ Dog License - Featured

So, 2-months into being the proud (and tired) owner of muffinthedog, I realised that a very integral part of my responsibilities also includes getting him a dog ownership license. I foresee him spending a lot of time outdoors so for my own peace of mind, the license is indeed essential.

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Coffee Ice Cubes

12 Sep Coffee Ice Cubes - Featured

Coffee ice cubes has gotta be the most useful thing we discovered. It’s a great way to add the taste of coffee to a drink while keeping it chilled without diluting the tastes. And it’s so damn pretty in your drink, it leaves tiny dark trails as it melts. Gorgeous.

The making of coffee ice cubes is incredibly simple! What you’ll need is ground coffee, a French Press, and water. And an ice tray, of course.

Coffee Ice Cubes - What You Need

Bon Cafe Ground Coffee; French Press

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