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Tiramisu Martini

10 May Tiramisu Martini - Featured

For Mother’s Day this coming weekend, we at Cham Cham Guide decided to make a drink just for the moms. Now, the only mom we can speak for is the one that brought us up so, drawing from that inspiration, we made a list of things she likes and things that would go well in a drink. After ticking many pork related things off the checklist, it came down to coffee and cakes.

Now, put coffee and cake together and you have tiramisu. And who doesn’t just love tiramisu?

The absolute best tiramisu I have had to date was at this quaint little Italian restaurant in Plaza Damas called Sure Pizza. This little establishment was run by an all-the-way Italian chef, Paolo who would, on good days, serenade his patrons from beyond his open kitchen. Everything about that place was magical. His handmade tabasco sauce… His zuppa di pesce… His pate and crackers… And the tiramisu just absolutely soaking in coffee liqueur…

Tiramisu @ Sure Pizza

I will be eternally bummed that the place closed down. Sigh.

*wipes away tears*

Our Tiramisu Martini tastes like a thoroughly well soaked tiramisu. A good balance of coffee and sweetness while the Irish Cream gives a nice smoothness to the drink without the creaminess.

OK, to start with, what you’ll need to make a Tiramisu Martini is creme de cacao, coffee liqueur, vodka, Irish Cream, vanilla essence, and crushed ice.

The martini glass rim requires icing sugar, cocoa powder, and instant coffee.

Tiramisu Martini - What You Need

Icing sugar; Milo; Nescafe; Baileys Irish Cream; Kahlua; Grey Goose Vodka; Star Brand Artificial Vanilla Flavouring; Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold

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Cookies for Christmas

21 Dec

Haha check this out! Preparing for the end of the world. Boy, would I love to get my hands on some of those End Of The World wine.

Well anyway, looks like the ‘end of the world’ is passing us by and we’re all still here! Thank goodness coz I was really looking forward to Christmas. Just spending time with family and friends, having good meals. Taking time away from the hectic end-of-year madness to sit down, sip on a cocktail and not worry about whatever pending needs of tomorrow. Something to look forward to next week, but first to get through this week! *wipes sweat off brow*

Christmas Psyche

Guess we can take it easy today and get a little nostalgic. During our childhood days, my brother and I used to always have tea time after our afternoon nap and it’ll always consist of cookies and milo or milk or the occasional sip of mommy’s horribly bitter black coffee. To me, cookies (and McDonald’s sundaes) are what my adolescent years are made of.

Today’s cham cham is a tribute to the little kid in all of us. We’re gonna be making two cookie themed drinks: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milk & Cookies. They’re drinks ok, not food. We named them so because they really do taste like their names! Continue reading

Santa Suit

19 Dec Santa Suit - Featured

Santa by Thomas Nast

Did you know that the first illustrations of Santa and his infamous fur lined red suit started in the 19th Century? Illustrations by artist Thomas Nast had surfaced in the early 1900s that would later be made popular by none other than the official sponsors of everything, Coca Cola. Though the image of our modern day Santa’s true origins are still very much debatable, his red suit is undeniably Coca Cola. Santa used to also wear green suits and tan suits back then before he got splashed onto Coke’s advertisements wearing the company’s colour and a jolly round belly. Thus was born the era of the red suited Santa.

If you found this little information tid-bit terribly dull, well, so did I. I couldn’t really care much about Santa’s suit, but apparently people on the interwebs do! So, I should too! Here’s my version of the Santa Suit! It’s red and white and fluffy around the edges too.

Santa Suit - Closeup

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Lychee Mojito

29 Nov

Movember is coming to a close! How are your ‘mo’s doing? Mine’s doing just dandy!

Did you know that in year 2011 alone, Movember had raised AUD $124m for the funding of men’s health research? Look at the chart over the years!

Movember Global Funds Raised

See here for this year’s numbers:

What a fun and effective way to raise funds for such a serious cause. I knew a father who left the world at his prime; a life cut short from prostate cancer. And I’m sure too many of you would know of someone fighting a similar battle. Continue to spread the word and create awareness.

Ok then, let’s get on with it! Our final mojito for Movember is the Lychee Mojito! What you’ll need to make a Lychee Mojito is soda water, rum, lime, mint leaves, sugar, and canned lychee. Continue reading

Brain Hemorrhage

25 Oct Brain Hemorrhage - Featured

Ah. The Nightmare Before Christmas, a Halloween staple, scaring kids since 1993. One of my favourite movies growing up, and still delightful to watch as a grown up. The tale of the Pumpkin King and his attempt at hijacking Christmas is a visual extravaganza of ghoulish monsters straight out of a child’s imagination, creeping about in sickly stop-motion fashion to a musical masterpiece. Let’s have a sing-along as we go through the Brain Hemorrhage, also an all-time Halloween classic beverage. Play the video below.

~Boys and girls of every age, won’t you like to see something strange…~

Now ok, the Brain Hemorrhage is a truly gross looking shot that has the Irish Cream look like a bloody mess of brain matter. There are several variants to this Halloween classic like the Alien Brain Hemorrhage (add Blue Curacao) or the Bloody Brain (same concept, different base). What you’ll need for the good ol’ conventional Brain Hemorrhage is Irish Cream, peach schnapps, and grenadine syrup.

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Bloody Milk & Honey

25 Oct Bloody Milk & Honey - Featured

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon’s blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.
– Song of the Witches by William Shakespeare

The time is nigh for blood and gore. Halloween is here, the day we unmask the troubled soul. We’ll be doing a short series of Halloween themed drinks for those who need the inspiration.

We really liked the idea of going big and gross. To start off our series we have The Bloody Milk & Honey, a gory cocktail that’s big on drama. The contrast between the milky white cocktail and the bloody red accents is simply beautiful. Our attempt at making yummy fake blood turned out perfectly. And because we love discovering easy things, this was darn easy to make too!

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