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Chocolate Raspberry Dream

20 Mar Raspberry Dream - Featured

Easter’s rolling round the corner! Have you seen all the candy and chocolate bunnies in the supermarkets lately? So much fun! 😀 But first, let’s take some time to learn just a bit about Easter and what it really means.

So, of course chocolate eggs are a derivative of an age-old tradition, just like every other holiday we modern day folk celebrate. But even so, so what? I say it’s all in good fun. We could use more excuses to make a fuss over.By the way, have you people seen these series of videos called How It’s Made? Check out how chocolates are made.

OK, enough with the educational videos! Let’s mix some booze! In commemoration of Easter, I present to you the Chocolate Raspberry Dream.

The Chocolate Raspberry Dream looks great for an afternoon tea-party, though the taste can be a tad bit strong for the day. It’s not a very sweet cocktail as the only sweet ingredient is the crème de cacao. The raspberry taste is mild giving a hint of a sour note while the crème de cacao adds a fragrance. Continue reading


Spotted Bikini

4 Mar Spotted Bikini - Featured

I know this is really nothing new, but it’s 11pm and I’m on a bit of a diet. So, obviously I’m browsing food porn endlessly! Just done updating my Flipboard with food related content. Browsing through imgur for cute cats but keep clicking on stuff like this, this, and oh-god-this. And then, there is this; the motherload: FoodPornDaily.

Brownie Cheesecake

Will you look at that! Omaigod. Thank goodness it’s too late for a cake run.

Alright, as a distraction to myself, I will teach you how to make a cocktail. We tried making the Spotted Bikini a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Milk and passion fruit make a very pleasing pairing.

The Spotted Bikini is a very exotic tasting cocktail as it really plays up the taste of the passion fruit. The prominent sour tones are perfectly balanced with the addition of milk. The taste of this cocktail is rather mellow, with hints of sweetness from the passion fruit. Continue reading

A Warm Christmas

26 Dec Our Christmas - Featured

Calvin & Hobbes Christmas Eve

The end of the year has been such utter madness. So many hours in the day left unslept, so many vitamins and supplements taken to keep the annual flu bug from visiting, and so many traffic jams to battle. Taking a little time out to prep the house for Christmas celebrations was simply therapeutic. There’s something truly magical about those little fairy lights.

Our Christmas - CollageSetting up the Christmas tree takes a lot of effort! So, we made some really minimal effort drinks with maximum feel-good factor. Beer cocktails! Continue reading

Santa Suit

19 Dec Santa Suit - Featured

Santa by Thomas Nast

Did you know that the first illustrations of Santa and his infamous fur lined red suit started in the 19th Century? Illustrations by artist Thomas Nast had surfaced in the early 1900s that would later be made popular by none other than the official sponsors of everything, Coca Cola. Though the image of our modern day Santa’s true origins are still very much debatable, his red suit is undeniably Coca Cola. Santa used to also wear green suits and tan suits back then before he got splashed onto Coke’s advertisements wearing the company’s colour and a jolly round belly. Thus was born the era of the red suited Santa.

If you found this little information tid-bit terribly dull, well, so did I. I couldn’t really care much about Santa’s suit, but apparently people on the interwebs do! So, I should too! Here’s my version of the Santa Suit! It’s red and white and fluffy around the edges too.

Santa Suit - Closeup

Continue reading

Lychee Mojito

29 Nov

Movember is coming to a close! How are your ‘mo’s doing? Mine’s doing just dandy!

Did you know that in year 2011 alone, Movember had raised AUD $124m for the funding of men’s health research? Look at the chart over the years!

Movember Global Funds Raised

See here for this year’s numbers:

What a fun and effective way to raise funds for such a serious cause. I knew a father who left the world at his prime; a life cut short from prostate cancer. And I’m sure too many of you would know of someone fighting a similar battle. Continue to spread the word and create awareness.

Ok then, let’s get on with it! Our final mojito for Movember is the Lychee Mojito! What you’ll need to make a Lychee Mojito is soda water, rum, lime, mint leaves, sugar, and canned lychee. Continue reading

Blueberry Mojito

18 Nov

It’s a Sunday night! Let’s play some games 😀

Ahh 🙂 That was fun.

Alright then, onwards! What you’ll need to make a Blueberry Mojito is of course blueberries, lemonade, and the standard lime, mint leaves, sugar, rum and soda water.

Blueberry Mojito - What You Need

F&N Soda Water; Waitrose Cloudy Lemonade; Bacardi Gold; Blueberries
On Plate: Lime; Sugar Cubes; Mint Leaves

Continue reading

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