Rum & Raisin Smoothie

10 Jul

Happy mid-year, cham chamers! This year has really flown by for me. Forgive me for a little bit of a personal veering-off course.

Turning 28 has really been a strange happening. So much has changed and so much has also gone boomerang on me and returned me to my default setting. I’ve always liked trying and tinkering about with new things and/or subjects and only at 28 do I realise that maybe I should’ve spent a little more time concentrating on my strengths. I think that innate talents are what pushes a person from the ordinary to become someone a little bit EXTRA-ordinary, and that makes all the difference, don’t you think? If you’re gifted in this one field, and you feed that gift with practice and learning, that gift grows exponentially quicker than a non-gifted person even though the two of you may be doing the same thing. The gifted person’s upperhand stems from the intangible, that smug feeling of accomplishment which drives a person to greater and greater heights. I think that’s what everyone means when they talk about finding their ‘passion in life’.

Discovering an innate talent is not easy when it’s not an obvious talent. Some people are natural born actors, some are born teachers, and I think that these things can be seen even in childhood. My brother used to draw amazingly detailed buildings and futuristic cars when he was a wee little kid; he became an engineer. So what happens if you’re a natural born coordinator? You were likely a little hyper organised as a kid and got teased for it, and that innate talent will be buried with you never knowing that you could be amazing at keeping inventory or working with a shipping company. Anyway, I watched this TED Talk and can absolutely relate. Don’t waste away your 20s. Spend the time finding where you fit into the world and happiness will not be as evanescent as it is now.

OK! Back to the bar! Picking a rum & raisin recipe is as therapeutic as it gets.

The Rum & Raisin Smoothie is essentially like the rum & raisin ice cream. The rum flavour is prominent, adding a good bite to the old favourite. The addition of lemon is subtle and gives just a hint of a zesty note. This smoothie is quite possibly the perfect cure to a stressful day/week/month/year/life.

The Rum & Raisin Smoothie is a two-part cocktail. You need to first prepare the rum & raisin syrup, which will take about a week to cure, and then use the syrup as an ingredient in this smoothie. Let’s start with the syrup!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Rum & Raisin - What You Need

Kijang Golden Syrup; Bacardi Gold Rum; Ligo California Seedless Raisins

Rum & Raisin Syrup
The Recipe:
3 shots golden syrup
1 shot dark / gold rum
3 boxes Ligo black raisins
*standard shots are 40ml per measurement

Prepare an airtight container or jar to store the rum & raisin syrup in. Pour the raisins into the jar. Next, pour the measures of golden syrup over the raisins. Finish off with the shot of rum.

Raisin! Golden syrup! Gold rum!

Raisins!                                           Golden syrup!                                         Gold rum!

Close the lid tightly and then shake the jar until all noticeable air bubbles contained in the crevasses between the raisins have been removed, or at least until all the raisins are no longer sticking to the jar. Chuck your container in the fridge to marinate for about one week.

Rum & Raisin Syrup

Place this in the fridge for 1 week

And you’re done with the first part!

<1 week later>

Now to taste the fruits of your labour. What you’ll need for the Rum & Raisin Smoothie is light rum, vanilla ice cream, fresh lemon juice, rum & raisin syrup, and ice. You’ll also need an ice blender handy.

Rum & Raisin Smoothie - What You Need

Philips Ice Blender; Rum & Raisin Syrup; Bacardi Original Premium Rum (white); Lemon; Tip Top Vanilla Ice Cream

Rum & Raisin Smoothie
The Recipe:
4 shots light rum
1 shot lemon juice
2 shot rum & raisin syrup
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
20 ice cubes
*Fills 2 highball glasses or 4 wine glasses

Alright, let’s begin. Prepare your ice blender. Pour in ALL of the ingredients listed above and ending with the ice cubes.

Rums & Raisin Smoothie - Pour

Rum!                           Lemon juice!                Rum & Raisin Syrup!           Vanilla ice cream!

Secure the lid on your blender and then set it to the ice blender setting. Blend until smooth and even.

Rum & Raisin Smoothie - Blend

Set to ice blender setting

Dispense into your glasses and enjoy!

Rum & Raisin Smoothie - Dispense

Pour out and serve. Beautiful!

Rum & Raisin Smoothie

A Rum & Raisin Smoothie, ready for a certified ‘clink’ fest.


4 Responses to “Rum & Raisin Smoothie”

  1. Em July 29, 2013 at 01:25 #

    First time visitor, but definitely not the last time. Love the how to guides! Do you guys do cocktail reviews too?

    Keep up the good work!


    • chamchamgirl July 29, 2013 at 10:50 #

      Hi, Em!

      Thanks for dropping by! We don’t have any cocktail reviews for now, but it’s definitely in the cards. KL is such a vibrant city, so many things happening! Did you know that there’s a bar in KL that serves a teh tarik martini? I HAVE to check that out, maybe I’ll do a post on that 🙂

      Hey, thanks again for visiting 🙂 Do like our FB page if it’s up your alley. xoxo

      – chamchamgirl

  2. AroneTan July 12, 2013 at 17:57 #

    Wow! eet da best! I’m going to try it this week. The only issue I have with it is having to wait a whole week for the raisins but it looks worth the while!

    • chamchamgirl July 12, 2013 at 21:54 #

      Hi Arone! Good to hear from you again 🙂 Haha yea, waiting a week is a bit of a pain. You could try to cut it down to maybe 4 days but the longer you keep the rum & raisin stewing, the better the flavour. Last night,I tried a batch that I’ve kept for a month. It was glorious! Haha let me know how it goes with yours 🙂

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