Tiramisu Martini

10 May

For Mother’s Day this coming weekend, we at Cham Cham Guide decided to make a drink just for the moms. Now, the only mom we can speak for is the one that brought us up so, drawing from that inspiration, we made a list of things she likes and things that would go well in a drink. After ticking many pork related things off the checklist, it came down to coffee and cakes.

Now, put coffee and cake together and you have tiramisu. And who doesn’t just love tiramisu?

The absolute best tiramisu I have had to date was at this quaint little Italian restaurant in Plaza Damas called Sure Pizza. This little establishment was run by an all-the-way Italian chef, Paolo who would, on good days, serenade his patrons from beyond his open kitchen. Everything about that place was magical. His handmade tabasco sauce… His zuppa di pesce… His pate and crackers… And the tiramisu just absolutely soaking in coffee liqueur…

Tiramisu @ Sure Pizza

I will be eternally bummed that the place closed down. Sigh.

*wipes away tears*

Our Tiramisu Martini tastes like a thoroughly well soaked tiramisu. A good balance of coffee and sweetness while the Irish Cream gives a nice smoothness to the drink without the creaminess.

OK, to start with, what you’ll need to make a Tiramisu Martini is creme de cacao, coffee liqueur, vodka, Irish Cream, vanilla essence, and crushed ice.

The martini glass rim requires icing sugar, cocoa powder, and instant coffee.

Tiramisu Martini - What You Need

Icing sugar; Milo; Nescafe; Baileys Irish Cream; Kahlua; Grey Goose Vodka; Star Brand Artificial Vanilla Flavouring; Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold

The Recipe:
1 shot vodka
1 shot creme de cacao
1 shot coffee liqueur
½ shot Irish Cream
2 drops vanilla essence
Crushed ice

Glass Rim:
2 tbsp icing sugar
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp instant coffee

Let’s go! We’ll prep the glasses first.

You’ll need martini glasses, a mixing bowl, a flat plate larger than the diameter of your glass’ mouth, a bowl of water also larger than the diameter of your glass’ mouth, and spoons.

Tiramisu Martini - Powder Rim Mix

Grab your measures of icing sugar, instant coffee, and cocoa powder and mix them up thoroughly in your mixing bowl.

*Tip: The icing sugar may contain lumps so to make things easier, you can grab a sift to pour the icing sugar through so that it catches all the lumps.

After you’re done incorporating all parts evenly, pour the powder out onto the flat plate and even it out.

Next, dip your martini glass’ rim into the bowl of water. Make sure the rim is evenly coated in water. When you’re done, immediately dip the wet rim into the powder plate and coat generously. Carefully turn the glass right-side up again and keep it aside.

The rim hardens as the water seeps into it. Adds a very nice touch without being too messy.

Alright then, let’s shake us up some martinis!

Tiramisu Martini - Shake n Strain
Grab your cocktail shaker and fill till full with ice. Pour in the measures of vodka, creme de cacao, coffee liqueur, and Irish Cream. Now, add just 2 or 3 drops of vanilla essence into the shaker.

Shake until everything is well blended together and then strain into your beautifully rimmed martini glasses. And that’s that!

Tiramisu Martini

The gorgeous Tiramisu Martini

It’s so delicious you’ll be licking the rim clean!

*Photo of Sure Pizza tiramisu taken from: http://nynyberry.blogspot.com/2010/05/afternoon-tea-tiramisu-sure-pizza-plaza.html


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