Chocolate Raspberry Dream

20 Mar

Easter’s rolling round the corner! Have you seen all the candy and chocolate bunnies in the supermarkets lately? So much fun! 😀 But first, let’s take some time to learn just a bit about Easter and what it really means.

So, of course chocolate eggs are a derivative of an age-old tradition, just like every other holiday we modern day folk celebrate. But even so, so what? I say it’s all in good fun. We could use more excuses to make a fuss over.By the way, have you people seen these series of videos called How It’s Made? Check out how chocolates are made.

OK, enough with the educational videos! Let’s mix some booze! In commemoration of Easter, I present to you the Chocolate Raspberry Dream.

The Chocolate Raspberry Dream looks great for an afternoon tea-party, though the taste can be a tad bit strong for the day. It’s not a very sweet cocktail as the only sweet ingredient is the crème de cacao. The raspberry taste is mild giving a hint of a sour note while the crème de cacao adds a fragrance.

What you’ll need to make a Chocolate Raspberry Dream is crème de cacao, vodka, and fresh raspberries. You’ll also need ice and a cocktail shaker.

Choc Raspberry Dream - What You Need

Absolut Vodka; Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold; Fresh Raspberries

The Recipe:
1 shot crème de cacao
1 shot vodka
8 raspberries

Alright, let’s start! Grab your raspberries and place them in a bowl big enough to accommodate some muddling. And muddle away! Crush the berries until you’re rid of all large chunks and it starts to look like a pulp.

Choc Raspberry Dream - Crush

Crush and mush the raspberries into a pulp

Next, fill your cocktail shaker till full with ice. Add half the crushed raspberries into the shaker along with the measures of vodka and crème de cacao.

Choc Raspberry Dream - Pour

Shake away with your shaker until well frosted.

Choc Raspberry Dream - Shake

Shake it all up! Yay!

When you’re done, remove the strainer section of your shaker and pour the contents into a glass. Use a spoon to hold back the ice.

c Raspberry Dream - Dispense

Pour out the contents into a glass without using the strainer

Next, get the rest of your raspberries and carefully spoon them into your glass.

c Raspberry Dream - Spoon

Carefully spoon the raspberry pulp in

Give the drink a quick stir before serving. Voila! A Chocolate Raspberry Dream.

Choc Raspberry Dream

A Chocolate Raspberry Dream. Simply gorgeous!


2 Responses to “Chocolate Raspberry Dream”

  1. Arone Tan April 23, 2013 at 16:55 #

    Raspberries are about the most amazing things you can put into mixies! I love the combinations here. Also who takes these photos? They are excellent! I’d love to try one of these but there’s someone who I know (who does these often) refuses to make these for me (I don’t have all the alcohol types.) Nicely done 🙂

    • chamchamgirl April 24, 2013 at 09:44 #

      Hahaha raspberries are pretty versatile, same as blueberries. I really loved the blueberry mojitos we attempted awhile back 😀

      Well, @chamchamboy takes these awesome photos! He shoots, I write. That’s the arrangement 🙂

      The beauty about ChamChamGuide is that you don’t need someone to make these drinks for you, you can make them yourself. It’s really easy. And you can search according to the type of liquor you have in your inventory through our category search. Just have fun and maybe one of these days we’ll host a ChamCham cocktail night!

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