Spotted Bikini

4 Mar

I know this is really nothing new, but it’s 11pm and I’m on a bit of a diet. So, obviously I’m browsing food porn endlessly! Just done updating my Flipboard with food related content. Browsing through imgur for cute cats but keep clicking on stuff like this, this, and oh-god-this. And then, there is this; the motherload: FoodPornDaily.

Brownie Cheesecake

Will you look at that! Omaigod. Thank goodness it’s too late for a cake run.

Alright, as a distraction to myself, I will teach you how to make a cocktail. We tried making the Spotted Bikini a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Milk and passion fruit make a very pleasing pairing.

The Spotted Bikini is a very exotic tasting cocktail as it really plays up the taste of the passion fruit. The prominent sour tones are perfectly balanced with the addition of milk. The taste of this cocktail is rather mellow, with hints of sweetness from the passion fruit.

What you’ll need to make a spotted bikini is ripe passion fruit, vodka, rum, milk, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. You’ll also need ice and a cocktail shaker.

Spotted Bikini - What You Need

Bacardi Gold Rum; Absolut 100 Vodka; Goodday Fresh Milk; Lemon; Passion Fruit

The Recipe:
1 passion fruit
1 shot vodka
½ shot rum
½ shot milk
Juice of ½ lemon

Alright, let’s start with some food prep first.

Cut your lemon in half and then squeeze out the juice using a juicer.

As non-chefs, we started out with really the most minimal of items so, we found that using the bare strength of your fingers and forearms to juice a lemon can work too, but not as effectively. If you really do not own a juicer, you can squeeze the fruit with your hands while running a fork through the innards and press like it’s a workout! If you do own a juicer, thumbs up to you. 😀

Spotted Bikini - Juice

Juice your lemon

Next, cut your passion fruit in half and then scoop out all its contents into a bowl. Give the flesh a good stir-mash to make sure the seeds are separated from each other.

Spotted Bikini - Strain

Break up the passion fruit seeds with a spoon

On to the liquids!

Fill your cocktail shaker till full with ice. Pour your measures of vodka, rum, milk and lemon juice into the shaker and then shake until well frosted.

Spotted Bikini - Shake

Lemon juice!                            Vodka!                                    Rum!                                   Milk!

Strain the contents of your cocktail shaker into a martini glass.

Spotted Bikini - Strain

Look at that beauty

Next, add the passion fruit. Gently spoon the fruit and drop it in through the middle of the drink. It’ll sink to the bottom.

Spotted Bikini - Spoon

Gently spoon passion fruit into the martini glass

You can opt to stir the drink up after dropping in the passion fruit as it tastes better, but visually not as pretty as when undisturbed.

Spotted Bikini

Spot the bikini!


One Response to “Spotted Bikini”

  1. Arone Tan March 5, 2013 at 00:07 #

    To the hell with the diet, I think you should eat all of the things. What an interesting drink! I have a hunch that I’ll like it! Nice to see more posts coming up!

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