A Warm Christmas

26 Dec

Calvin & Hobbes Christmas Eve

The end of the year has been such utter madness. So many hours in the day left unslept, so many vitamins and supplements taken to keep the annual flu bug from visiting, and so many traffic jams to battle. Taking a little time out to prep the house for Christmas celebrations was simply therapeutic. There’s something truly magical about those little fairy lights.

Our Christmas - CollageSetting up the Christmas tree takes a lot of effort! So, we made some really minimal effort drinks with maximum feel-good factor. Beer cocktails!

Our Christmas - What  You Need

Hosen Fruit Cocktail Fiesta; Carlsberg Special Brew

Basically, you just spoon two heaping tablespoon-fuls of the mixed canned fruit into a highball glass, and then fill up with ice cold beer.

Our Christmas - SpoonOur Christmas - Pour

And voila! A fruity beer cocktail. We used Carlsberg Special Brew because the stronger maltier taste of the beer goes really well with some sweetness. However, if you prefer a less malty version, you can use regular beer.

Our Christmas - Beer Cocktail

A Beer Cocktail!
Simply beautiful, with minimal effort for maximum impact. Economical ma.

And of course, we must have some festive snacks to keep the energy levels up!

Our Christmas - Snacks

Left: Butter cookies; Sticky Candy in Blackberry
Right: Iced Gem Biscuits; Hello Panda

Iced Gem Biscuits are so amazingly festive and happy and deliciously colourful. Perfect for parties, plus you can get bag-loads of them from any pasar malam (night market). I got these from Cold Storage in 1Utama.

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas 🙂 Here’s to New Years!

Our Christmas - Family


2 Responses to “A Warm Christmas”

  1. Arone Tan January 17, 2013 at 13:25 #

    Happy New Year! Missing your posts! Where have thy posts goneth? 😀

    • chamchamgirl January 20, 2013 at 23:02 #

      Hi Arone! Happy New Year!!

      It’s been a busy beginning of the year, but hang tight 🙂 We’ve got a few new tricks to unveil very soon. Thanks for checking back!

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