Cookies for Christmas

21 Dec

Haha check this out! Preparing for the end of the world. Boy, would I love to get my hands on some of those End Of The World wine.

Well anyway, looks like the ‘end of the world’ is passing us by and we’re all still here! Thank goodness coz I was really looking forward to Christmas. Just spending time with family and friends, having good meals. Taking time away from the hectic end-of-year madness to sit down, sip on a cocktail and not worry about whatever pending needs of tomorrow. Something to look forward to next week, but first to get through this week! *wipes sweat off brow*

Christmas Psyche

Guess we can take it easy today and get a little nostalgic. During our childhood days, my brother and I used to always have tea time after our afternoon nap and it’ll always consist of cookies and milo or milk or the occasional sip of mommy’s horribly bitter black coffee. To me, cookies (and McDonald’s sundaes) are what my adolescent years are made of.

Today’s cham cham is a tribute to the little kid in all of us. We’re gonna be making two cookie themed drinks: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milk & Cookies. They’re drinks ok, not food. We named them so because they really do taste like their names!

Let’s start with the Chocolate Chip Cookie! What you’ll need for this is crème de cacao, coffee liqueur, Irish Cream, and chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - What You Need

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur; Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold; Nur Chocolate Rice; Merrys Irish Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie – The Recipe:
1 shot crème de cacao
1 shot coffee liqueur
1 shot Irish Cream
Chocolate Rice

Combine the measures of crème de cacao, coffee liqueur and Irish Cream in a shaker filled with ice and shake until frothy. Strain into a martini glass and then sprinkle the top with one teaspoon of chocolate rice. So simple!

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Pour

Irish Cream!                                              Kahlua!                                        Crème de Cacao!

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Shake

Shake it up!

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Strain

Strain into a glass

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Add Rice

Sprinkle with chocolate rice!

And there you have a Chocolate Chip Cookie. Incredibly simple and looks really festive too!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie is a little heavy and pretty sweet so, if you like things a bit more mellow, you can try the next drink which is the Milk & Cookies.

Alright, to make Milk & Cookies, what you’ll need is crème de cacao, coffee liqueur and full cream milk.

Milk & Cookies - What You Need

Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold; Kahlua Coffee Liqueur; Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk

Milk & Cookies – The Recipe:
1 shot crème de cacao
1 shot kahlua
1 shot full cream milk

Pour the measures of crème de cacao and kahlua into a shaker filled with ice. Shake until your shaker’s frosty and really cold.

Milk & Cookies - Pour

Crème de Cacao!                                                                    Kahlua!

Next, pour the measure of milk into a martini glass.

Milk & Cookies - Milk

Pour the milk into a glass

Then, strain the contents of the shaker over the milk.

Milk & Cookies - Strain

Strain shaker contents over the milk

And you’re done! Even more simple and looks really good too.

Milk & Cookies - Top View

Bird’s eye-view

Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies!

Milk & Cookies tastes just like milk & cookies in liquid form. Like drinking the milk from after the cookie dunking. Really nice for Christmas. The Kahlua adds a fragrant sweet note sans that strong coffee taste.

Serve this version of Milk & Cookies to Santa and he may just stay long enough for you to catch a glimpse of him 🙂


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