White Russian

11 Dec

Did you know that the Russian Mafia have been around since the 1700s? It all started from detractors that stole from the government and redistributed their loot to society. Just like Robin Hood. Well, you know what they say, right? When you take a good thing too far, you become satan. (Ya, ok, no one actually says that.)

After centuries of thievery, the Russian Mafia became well know for being the most brutally violent gangs, garnering so much money and influence that they could even get their hands on missiles and submarines from the Russian army should they ever want or need to. Their influence reaches far across international borders seeing them working together with Colombian drug cartels, the Chinese Triads, and even the Yakuza.

Well anyway, the History Channel’s amazing! You learn so much in a mere 40-minutes. The Russian mobsters are still prevalent to this day but with a much more polished image. In spite of their infamous notoriety (remember those ‘in Soviet Russia’ jokes? “In America, you break law. In Soviet Russia, law breaks you”, “In Soviet Russia, frog dissects you”), there’s really a lot of interesting and beautiful things born of Russian soil such as Russian ballet, intricate porcelain wares, the babushka doll (aka Matryoshka doll), Moscow, and of course, the White Russian. Though the origin of the cocktail is not exactly Russian in heritage, and it was repopularised by an American movie, The Big Lebowski…

Well ok then moving right along, what you’ll need for a White Russian is of course vodka (Smirnoff is a British company so *phew* no illegally remanufactured blue grain alcohol here), coffee liqueur, and heavy cream.

Emborg Cooking Cream; Smirnoff Vodka; Kahlua coffee liqueur

Emborg Cooking Cream; Smirnoff Vodka; Kahlua coffee liqueur

The Recipe:
1 shot vodka
½ shot coffee liqueur
Heavy cream to top

This is a really simple drink to make. Firstly, fill up a whisky tumbler till full with ice, and then pour the vodka over the ice.

White Russian - Vodka

Ice cold, baby!

Next, add the coffee liqueur.

White Russian - Kahlua

Bombs away!

Stir it up before topping with cream.

White Russian - Stir

Give it a swift stir

Now, gently top with the heavy cream. You can use a spoon to help ease the incorporation of the cream. Pour just enough so that it forms a layer on the top of the drink. You’ll notice that it says Cooking Cream on the box. There are several varieties of cream out there but somehow the creams found in Malaysian supermarkets are named differently from elsewhere in the world. You can read a little bit more about cream here if you’d like. Basically, from the chart you’ll find that Cooking Cream is just heavy cream.

White Russian - Top Cream

Carefully layer the cream on top

And you’re done!

White Russian

Look, I’m a White Russian!

Using heavy cream creates this gorgeous gloppy look and gives the cocktail a wonderful rich smoothness. However, if you find using cream a little testy, you can opt to use fresh milk. Most recipes will also suggest that you stir up everything before serving, but why mess with something so beautiful?

Just FYI: This gorgeous photoshoot is courtesy of MattewOng photography. Matthew is a professional lifestyle photographer specialising in weddings and portraits. Check out his website & portfolio here and his Facebook page here.


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