Lychee Mojito

29 Nov

Movember is coming to a close! How are your ‘mo’s doing? Mine’s doing just dandy!

Did you know that in year 2011 alone, Movember had raised AUD $124m for the funding of men’s health research? Look at the chart over the years!

Movember Global Funds Raised

See here for this year’s numbers:

What a fun and effective way to raise funds for such a serious cause. I knew a father who left the world at his prime; a life cut short from prostate cancer. And I’m sure too many of you would know of someone fighting a similar battle. Continue to spread the word and create awareness.

Ok then, let’s get on with it! Our final mojito for Movember is the Lychee Mojito! What you’ll need to make a Lychee Mojito is soda water, rum, lime, mint leaves, sugar, and canned lychee.

Lychee Mojito - What You Need

F&N Soda Water; Bacardi Gold Rum; Canned lychee
On Plate: Lime; Sugar cube; Mint leaves

The Recipe:
1 handful mint leaves
4 pcs canned lychee & syrup
1 cube white sugar
Juice of 1 ½ limes
2 shots rum, ½ shot for topping
Club soda

First off, freshly squeeze the juice out of 1½ limes. Make sure to fish out the seeds! Place your handful of mint leaves, sugar cube, and about half of the lime juice into a sturdy glass. Muddle the contents of the glass until leaves turn a darker green and start releasing wonderful minty fragrances.

Lychee Mojito - Muddle

Muddle until minty aroma releases

Next, add the canned lychee (fruit only) and pound until the fruits are completely broken up into tiny bits.

Pound, squish, and stir until the lychee fruits are broken up

When you’re done, fill up the glass till full with ice. Pour in the remaining lime juice followed by the lychee syrup, a splash of club soda and finally, in with the rum.

Lychee Mojito - Pour

Lychee syrup! Soda water! Rum!

Maybe now’s a good time to get into the reason we’ve been using gold rum for our mojito series. If you’re savvy in the ways of cham cham, you’ll realise that we’ve been using gold rum instead of light rum, which is what most mojito recipes use. First of all, a quick intro: rum comes in 3 variants; light rum aka white rum, gold rum, and dark rum. The general rule of thumb is that the darker the colour, the heavier the flavour. Now, here at Cham Cham Guide, we appreciate the slightly stronger flavours so after a bit of reading up on mojito recipes, we found that light rum was sometimes substituted with gold rum. Personally, I’ve never really been a big fan of light rums because well, they’re too light! And at the other end of the spectrum, the heavier spicy-caramel quality of dark rum doesn’t appear to go well with happy-clappy mojitos. Thus, we substituted light rum for gold rum and can attest that it’s the better choice. Again, this is a matter of personal taste so if you enjoy a lighter drink, by all means use light rum, the way the drink was originally intended to be.

Ok then, on to the final step! Now you just need to stir it all up and top off by floating a half shot of rum on top and serve immediately. The floating of the rum is purely optional. We do it because it adds a nice starting kick to the first sips. Cheers!

Lychee Mojito

Lychee Mojito!

Just FYI: Lychee is also known as litchi in some other parts of the world. This comes about from references to its scientific name which is Litchi Chinensis.

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8 Responses to “Lychee Mojito”

  1. bali tour March 13, 2014 at 06:44 #

    Nice Drink
    Thanks For the recipe 🙂

  2. chamchamgirl December 11, 2012 at 22:32 #

    Hi Arone! Thanks for dropping by! The Lychee Mojito is really something else, right? My party loved it 🙂

    Thanks for the beer recipes link! I do love my beer, and we will be attempting more beer recipes. In the meantime, you can check out our crack at the Diesel here:

  3. Arone November 29, 2012 at 21:43 #

    I’ve a friend who is also very much into making drinks – in fact she dedicates time off to make cocktails for friends and stuff haha Will recommend this drink for her to try!

    Oh yeah, nice mo! 😉


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