Brain Hemorrhage

25 Oct

Ah. The Nightmare Before Christmas, a Halloween staple, scaring kids since 1993. One of my favourite movies growing up, and still delightful to watch as a grown up. The tale of the Pumpkin King and his attempt at hijacking Christmas is a visual extravaganza of ghoulish monsters straight out of a child’s imagination, creeping about in sickly stop-motion fashion to a musical masterpiece. Let’s have a sing-along as we go through the Brain Hemorrhage, also an all-time Halloween classic beverage. Play the video below.

~Boys and girls of every age, won’t you like to see something strange…~

Now ok, the Brain Hemorrhage is a truly gross looking shot that has the Irish Cream look like a bloody mess of brain matter. There are several variants to this Halloween classic like the Alien Brain Hemorrhage (add Blue Curacao) or the Bloody Brain (same concept, different base). What you’ll need for the good ol’ conventional Brain Hemorrhage is Irish Cream, peach schnapps, and grenadine syrup.

Brain Hemorrhage - What You Need

Bols Grenadine Syrup; The Original De Kuyper PeachTree; Merrys Irish Cream

The Recipe:
2/3  shot peach schnapps
Irish Cream to top

We decided to try creating 2 different effects of Irish Cream brain: the regular way poured straight into the glass, and the other way by injecting it to the bottom of the glass using a straw.

We’ll go the regular route 1st. Start by pouring the peach schnapps into a shot glass till 2/3 full. Then, gently float the Irish Cream on top of the peach schnapps by guiding it down the back of a teaspoon.

Brain Hemorrhage - Peachtree Irish Cream

Fill peach schnapps till 2/3, gently float Irish Cream

Next, pour out a teaspoon of grenadine syrup and drip it through the Irish Cream in drops. Watch as it gets really gross.

Brain Hemorrhage - Drop Grenadine

Drip in grenadine drop by drop

And there you have a regular Brain Hemorrhage. It’s easy to make as long as you have the right ingredients. We actually tried making this a grand total of 3 times because we couldn’t find peach schnapps anywhere! We substituted with several things but it just couldn’t work. We finally discovered that firstly, you need the mild acidity of the peach schnapps to gently curdle the Irish Cream. Too acidic and your Irish Cream would go bad. Secondly, use fresh Irish Cream. A bottle that has been opened and kept for over half a year may have evaporated a lot of the ‘light stuff’ making it sink to the bottom and ruining your Brain Hemorrhage.

Brain Hemorrhage - Before N After

Before grenadine                                                     The aftermath

Alright, on to the injecting! Like what we did earlier, fill a glass till 2/3 full with peach schnapps. Next, pour out some Irish Cream into a separate glass. Take a straw and stick it right to the bottom of the Irish Cream and hold the liquid in the straw like in the image below. Dip that straw into the peach schnapps and slowly release the Irish Cream in. Repeat that process until you fill up the glass.

Brain Hemorrhage - Injecting Irish Cream

Inject the Irish Cream with a straw

Next, drip the grenadine syrup through the Irish Cream like how we did before and watch more grossness happen. And there you have your alternate Brain Hemorrhage.

Brain Hemorrhage - Drip Grenadine

Drip in grenadine drop by drop

The difference between the 2 versions is that the injecting method creates gross folds that will retain pockets of grenadine syrup inside for further grossness. If you’re lucky, it will keep spewing ‘blood’ until you’ve downed the shot like a zombie man.


Brain Hemorrhage - Injected

Alternate Brain Hemorrhage


2 Responses to “Brain Hemorrhage”

  1. Jamie.S October 29, 2012 at 17:30 #

    My favorite of the lot! Looks disgusting but pleasantly good!

    • chamchamgirl October 30, 2012 at 15:47 #

      Absolutely horrifying, yea? 🙂 But I liked it too!

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