Crème De Cincau

15 Oct

Crème de Cincau is a homemade concoction consisting of Irish Cream, vodka, and sweetened cincau cubes. This is a really versatile cocktail that could work for daytime and nighttime entertaining, but it is moderately strong so do keep that in mind when serving. We tried 2 ways to making this drink: using chilled Irish Cream and vodka, and shaken over ice. It’s really up to you how strong you’d like the taste to be. For us, we liked the chilled one.

Creme De Cincau - What You Need

Baileys Irish Cream; Grey Goose Vodka; Sweetened Cincau

The Recipe:
2 shot Irish Cream
2 shots vodka
10-12 cubes sweetened cincau

The first step is to cube up your cincau. The sweetened cincau doesn’t have a strong taste so cut the cubes on the bigger side.

Creme De Cincau - Cubed Cincau

Cut cincau into cubes

Ok, now we’ll start with the chilled version first. Pour the measure of vodka into a port wine glass (a smaller version of a white wine glass). Followed by the Irish Cream, and then the cubes of sweetened cincau.

Vodka!                                    Irish Cream!                                    Cincau!

Give the glass a quick stir and you’re done! A dangerously easy to make cocktail.

Creme De Cincau (Stirred)

Crème De Cincau, stirred

Alright, now let’s do the shaken version. Fill up a shaker with ice. Next, put the vodka, Irish Cream, and cincau cubes into the shaker and shake it all up.

Creme de Cincau - Pour To Shake

Vodka!                                    Irish Cream!                                   Cincau!

Pour contents into a wine glass. Do not strain.

Creme De Cincau - Pour

Pour into the glass without the strainer

Using a bowled bottom glass makes it easier to drink while getting to the chunks of cincau however, you can also just use a spoon.

Creme De Cincau (Shaken)

Crème De Cincau shaken, not stirred


3 Responses to “Crème De Cincau”

  1. Arone Tan October 16, 2012 at 15:14 #

    Almost too easy to make!

    • Arone Tan October 16, 2012 at 15:17 #

      And by too easy I mean it’s simple enough for someone like me to make them 😀 Cheers!

      • chamchamgirl October 17, 2012 at 14:27 #

        Haha go try! Ingredients are easy to get too 🙂

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