Citrus Dragonfruit

7 Oct

We found this interesting recipe on the internets and decided to try it out. The original recipe uses white dragonfruit which we thought looked ok, but using a red dragonfruit would be more dramatic. A brilliant, bright, and bashful cocktail. It’s beautiful!

Ok, this is a two-part recipe. You’ll have to make the dragonfruit puree first, to be used as an ingredient for the cocktail. What you’ll need for this drink is dragonfruit, orange juice, honey, and rum. And also ice and a cocktail shaker.

Citrus Dragonfruit - What You Need

Bacardi Gold Rum; Honey; Peel Fresh Orange Juice; Red Dragonfruit

The recipe:
Dragonfruit Puree
½  Dragonfruit
2 shots orange juice
2 tsps Honey

Citrus Dragonfruit Cocktail
3 shots puree
2 shots rum

First up is the dragonfruit puree. Cut dragonfruit in half and scoop out the edible insides. Use a ripe dragonfruit so that the flesh is soft and scoops out easily. The skin of the dragonfruit is pretty thin so you can tell its ripeness by just gently pressing or poking the fruit.

Citrus Dragonfruit - Half

Cut dragonfruit in half

Citrus Dragonfruit - Spoon Fruit

Spoon out dragonfruit flesh clean from the skin

Scoop the dragonfruit flesh into the blender and then top with the orange juice and honey.

Citru Dragonfruit - OJ & Honey

Add the OJ and honey

Blend until completely smooth and free of lumps and chunks. We used a food processor to blend, which was probably the wrong choice because the dragonfruit has really high water content meaning that it becomes really watery and it might (or in our case, did) overflow out of the processor while blending. We had a mighty task cleaning up after that because the purple juice got everywhere! (What to do, we’re not chefs.)

Citrus Dragonfruit - Blend

Blend until smooth, baby, smooth

And that’s your dragonfruit puree. Now on to the 2nd part!

Fill your shaker with ice. Pour the puree over the ice, and then add the rum.

Citrus Dragonfruit - Puree & Rum

Pour puree and rum over ice

Shake until frosty and frothy, and then strain into a glass.

Citrus Dragonfruit - Strain

Strain into glass

And there you have it, a Citrus Dragonfruit. The dragonfruit has a really pleasant, almost neutral taste. It mostly adds texture to the drink. The OJ and honey is what gives the sweetness and yet, with all these ingredients, it still maintains a rather strong rum note. It’s pretty much an alcoholic smoothie. Wunderbar!

Citrus Dragonfruit

Citrus Dragonfruit


One Response to “Citrus Dragonfruit”

  1. Bali Tour December 8, 2013 at 07:09 #

    Thanks for the information
    it’s really amazing drink
    i might try it later 🙂

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