Tau Foo Fah Shot

20 Sep

This is a really fun one. I’m not quite sure what possessed us to give this a shot (wah, punny ah you), but it just came to us. Maybe it was a random tau foo fah craving. Or a lazy way of making “jello” shots, but it happened.

This is one of the easiest things you could ever make. The alcohol content in this one is so low it may as well be virgin. It’s really more of a dessert shooter. So yes, what you’ll need to make this is tau foo fah, gula melaka (just ask the tau foo fah man to separately pack some ‘black sugar’ for you), and Irish Cream.

Tau Foo Fah Shot - What You Need

Bailey’s Irish Cream; Gula Melaka; Tau Foo Fah

The recipe:
⅔ shot tau foo fah
½ shot Irish Cream
1 dash gula melaka

First, get your tau foo fah and scoop it into your shot glass until it’s filled ⅔. In case it’s not clear, the tau foo fah should be the plain, unsweetened kind. Also, you should allow it to cool to room temperature before serving. Just give it an hour or so and it’ll be good to go.

Tau Foo Fah Shot - Scoop TFF

Get a good scoop of the egg-y smooth tau foo fah

Tau Foo Fah Shot - Spoon In TFF

Carefully spoon the tau foo fah into the shot glass

Try not to break up the tau foo fah too much so that it goes into the glass in layers. Next, drizzle the Irish Cream over the tau foo fah. Watch as it fills in the cracks beautifully.

Tau Foo Fah Shot - Drizzle Irish Cream

Drizzle over with Irish Cream

Finally, top off with a dash of gula melaka.

`Tau Foo Fah Shot - Top Gula Melaka

Top off with gula melaka

The colours are so wonderfully rich and creamy! The contents will slide out of the glass like butter so you don’t have to worry about spoons. You could make probably about 15 to 20 of these with one container of tau foo fah. Down the shot like a man and ask for another!

Tau Foo Fah Shot

A Tau Foo Fah Shot! Whee!


4 Responses to “Tau Foo Fah Shot”

  1. Ronnery Lee September 26, 2012 at 12:03 #

    What would be cool is if it was put in the fridge and chilled first. Can that be done or do you think it will ruin the shot?

    • chamchamgirl September 26, 2012 at 13:18 #

      Hey Ron! I thought about that too but you know how refrigerated tau foo fah has a harder consistency? I didn’t try it this time round, but I imagine it wouldn’t slide out of the glass as smoothly. However, you could chill the Irish Cream instead, and use room temperature tau foo fah 🙂

      • Ronnery Lee September 26, 2012 at 16:12 #

        Thank you!

    • Arone Tan September 26, 2012 at 15:01 #

      Hi Ron! Give it a try and see how it turns out 🙂

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