15 Sep

The day we came home with our 1st stash of liqueurs was like coming home with the biggest Lego set as a kid. We were so excited! We sat down with all our bottles and brought out the shot glasses. We tasted every one. And that was how the Spiderman happened. And really, that was how Spiderman happened too, right? Curiosity.

So anyway, what you’ll need for the Spiderman is vodka, blue curacao, and grenadine syrup.

Spiderman - What You Need

Wenneker Blue Curacao; Absolut 100 Vodka; Bols Grenadine Syrup

Spiderman - Portions


The Recipe:
1 measure vodka
1 measure blue curacao
1 tsp grenadine

We’ll start by pouring the blue curacao into a shot glass. Carefully spoon the grenadine into the blue curacao and it will settle at the bottom. Now, pour the vodka into the shot glass by allowing it to flow down the wall of the glass.

Spiderman - Top Vodka

Top with vodka

And there you have it, the Spiderman!


It’s a simple shooter that looks great too. 1st you’ll be hit by the taste of vodka, followed by a very mild blue curacao taste. The end makes it all worth it with the sweet-sour note of the grenadine. It’s a truly strange experience that will leave you intrigued and likely wanting more.


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