Deisel aka Snakebite & Black

9 Sep

There are quite a number of variations to the half-and-half all over the world. Different parts of the world have their own take, some use beer and stout, some use champagne and white wine, whatever the reason, I think the concept is simple and simply novel. I discovered my first half-and-half when I was in college and all we had in the fridge was canned Carlsberg and Guinness Stout. Now, our problem was that Guinness Stout in a can, for the young and restless, was so unpalatable that short of not drinking it, we decided to dilute the bitterness with beer. College naivete or genius? Who can say *shrug*

8 years down the line (and loving a good fresh stout), I’m still mixing my beers! Here’s a little background on the Diesel aka Snakebite & Black. A Diesel comprises of lager, apple cider, and blackcurrant cordial. Why it’s also called the Snakebite & Black is because the original Snakebite comprises of the same ingredients without the blackcurrant cordial. I guess the cordial gives a dark hue to the drink thus adding the ‘Black’ in Snakebite. I’ll try making a Snakebite one of these days. Anyway, even within the Diesel class of cocktails, there are further variants to making it. In this post, we will try a Pale Lager Diesel and a Dark Lager Diesel. We also tried using still and sparkling cider.

Here we go! 1st one up: Pale Lager Diesel. What you’ll need is a pale lager, a still cider, and blackcurrant cordial.

Diesel - What You Need 1

Budweiser Pale Lager; Strongbow Apple Cider; Sunquick Blackcurrant Cordial

The recipe:
1 part pale lager
1 part apple cider
1 dash blackcurrant cordial

First, we poured in the dash of cordial at the base of the glass. Many other recipes would say to add the cordial last, but we found that it would settle at the bottom and we wanted everything to mix evenly so after several attempts, this was the best solution.

Diesel - Pour Blackcurrant Cordial

Pour the Blackcurrant Cordial first

Next, we pour in the pale lager right to the bottom gently. The incorporation of lager and cordial would cause a bit of a bubbling action so be careful and go slow.

Diesel - Pour The Pale Lager

Next is the pale lager

Once you’ve filled the glass to about half, pour in the cider. Again, gently. The cider will sort of stabilise the bubbling.

Diesel - Finish With Cider

Slowly top with the cider

And there you have it. A Pale Lager Diesel. This variant is very easy and light, not too bubbly. A good beer cocktail for a Friday night.

Diesel - Pale Lager Diesel

A Pale Lager Diesel

Now, on to the 2nd variant! What you’ll need for a Dark Lager Diesel:

Diesel - What You Need 2

Somersby Apple Cider; Erdinger Dunkel Dark Lager; Sunquick Blackcurrant Cordial

The recipe:
1 part dark lager
1 part sparkling apple cider
1 dash blackcurrant cordial

Again, start by pouring the cordial into the glass 1st. Next, in with the dark lager. The dark lager is a lot more reactive to the cordial with bubbling so go very slow here.

Diesel - Pour The Dark Lager

Pour in the dark lager and mix with the cordial

Finally, end with the sparkling apple cider. We used sparkling apple cider with this one because it’s a bit sweeter than the still ones and would complement the dark lager better due to the additional sparkle carbonating.

Diesel - Lastly The Cider

Lastly, top with the cider

And here we have the Dark Lager Diesel. Now, this one’s a bit of an oaky taste. The sparkling cider and cordial give it a slight sour tang without overpowering the dark lager at all. This one’s like a distinguished gentleman, hitting all the right notes. Top dollar, good sir.

Diesel - Dark Lager Diesel

A Dark Lager Diesel


One Response to “Deisel aka Snakebite & Black”

  1. Akiko Fujishima September 14, 2014 at 15:32 #

    Oh no, this should be made with Carlsberg, not a Budweiser.. ewwww.. 😀

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