The Muhibbah

28 Aug

The Muhibbah came about the night of the inception of the coffee ice cubes. It was a no-brainer. Of course coffee ice cubes would go well with Irish Cream. Now, what other flavours could we put in there? Coconut? Maybe. Chocolate? Could do. Vodka? We already did that. What do we have in our cabinet? Banana liqueur, melon liqueur, blue curacao… Ya, let’s try banana. And damn, was it a good idea.

Now, the name was just really timely because it’s so close to Malaysia’s independence day (Hari Merdeka) and we’re all looking for a little more unity in our little place here on earth. The Muhibbah stands for our yellow, mocha and brown machas. The mocha makes a good foundation, the yellow adds a little flavour, and the brown just gets everyone to “chill la, bro”.

And on to the mixing! What you’ll need for The Muhibbah is Irish Cream, banana liqueur, and coffee ice cubes (see here for the complete guide to making coffee ice cubes).

The Muhibbah - What You Need

Wenneker Creme De Bananes; Baileys Irish Cream; coffee ice cubes

The recipe:
½ shot Irish cream
1½ shot banana liqueur
1 tray unsweetened coffee ice cubes

First order of business, fill up a whisky tumbler with coffee ice cubes. We used the cold brewed coffee ice cubes for this one because it’s less bitter and has a very aromatic coffee flavour. Next, pour in the banana liqueur and watch it as it fills in the cracks. Beautiful.

The Muhibbah - Pour Creme De Bananes

Pour the banana liqueur over the coffee ice cubes.

Once you’re done with that, pour in the measure of Irish cream. The Irish cream will combine into the concoction adding a wonderful creaminess to the mix.

The Muhibbah - Pour Irish Cream

Top with Irish Cream

Give it a little stir and there you have it, The Muhibbah. It’s a refreshing drink that kinda tastes a little like the Hong Kong cham (mix of coffee and tea). It’s not as sweet as you would expect too because we use unsweetened coffee ice cubes.

The Muhibbah

Introducing, The Muhibbah! That is one good mix.


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