Peach Sting

22 Aug

The Peach Sting makes the perfect party drink. It’s so very easy to make, it looks beautiful, and it’s really easy to drink (and get happy). Plus, it’s not too expensive to make to serve large quantities.

What you’ll need is vodka, carbonated peach juice drink, and grenadine. For this shot, we used Absolut 100 Vodka, Bols grenadine syrup, and Bundaberg Peachee.

Peach Sting - What You Need

Absolut 100 Vodka, Bols Grenadine Syrup, Bundaberg Peachee

Peach Sting - What You Need

Vodka; carbonated peach juice drink; grenadine

The recipe:
1 measure vodka
⅔ measure carbonated peach juice drink
1 dash grenadine

First off, pour the measure of vodka into a shot glass. In this case, the shot glass is the measurement tool so, let’s just start with the shot glass of vodka. Pour the peach drink into the vodka carefully using the back of a spoon. You will find that the peach drink settles below the vodka.

Peach Sting - Add Peach Drink

Gently pour in the peach drink

After that, get your dash of grenadine and pour it into the glass using the back of a spoon. It should settle right at the bottom, below the 2 layers. In order to avoid disturbing the layers too much, you can guide it down the side of the glass by putting the spoon right up to it.

Peach Sting - Add Grenadine

Gently tip in the grenadine using the back of a spoon

And there you have it, the Peach Sting. You will be hit by the initial taste of vodka, which is quickly followed by a peachy bite from the carbonated peach drink, ending on a sweet-sour note. It goes down really easily and would make a great party shooter.

Peach Sting

The Peach Sting

FYI: I really love Tequila Sunrises. The colours, the citrus-y taste; I love it. The Peach Sting is a loose adaptation of the Tequila Sunrise which originally comprises of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine.


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