Russian Coffee Freeze

8 Aug

For this cocktail, we took an old favourite, the Mudslide, and gave it our own twist. The Russian Coffee Freeze is a moderately strong cocktail with a slight bitter note.

The development of this drink came about a few days ago when we were bouncing around recipes. We thought that making coffee ice cubes would be an interesting experiment and so we tried making 2 types of coffee ice cubes: brewed and instant. (See here for the complete guide.) We decided to use the instant coffee ice cubes for this one because somehow these ones turned out more bitter than the brewed ones and also, we thought the darker colour of the cubes complimented the pale creamy colour of the Irish Cream better. Ok then, let’s get started. What you’ll need for the Russian Coffee Freeze is vodka, Irish Cream, and coffee ice cubes.

Russian Coffee Freeze - What You Need

Baileys Irish Cream; Absolut 100 vodka; coffee ice cubes

The recipe:
2 shots vodka
2 shots Irish Cream
1 tray unsweetened coffee ice cubes
*Cocktail shaker required

Start by filling up your cocktail shaker to just about midway with the coffee ice cubes. (Remember to save some ice cubes for the end.) Next, pour the shots of Irish Cream into the shaker.

Russian Coffee Freeze - Add Irish Cream

Pour in the measures of Irish Cream

Mmm. Yummy. Next, in with the vodka!

Russian Coffee Freeze - Add Vodka

Now, add in the measures of vodka

Once you’re done, close the cap tightly and then shake, shake, shake, shake it up. Keep shaking for at least 10-15 seconds so that all the parts can combine evenly.

Russian Coffee Freeze - Shake

Shake it up!

Now, open the top cap of the cocktail shaker and strain the contents into a highball glass. You will find that most of your ice cubes have melted/dissolved, giving your cocktail a good bitter kick.

Russian Coffee Freeze - Pour Out

Strain out into a highball glass

And there you have it, the Russian Coffee Freeze. You can add a few coffee ice cubes to the glass just before serving.

Russian Coffee Freeze

Russian Coffee Freeze!

FYI: The original Mudslide comprises of Irish Cream, coffee liqueur, and vodka.


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