Bazooka Joe

1 Aug

As our 1st attempt at mixing, this was a relatively fun drink to start with. We had quite a bit of head scratching moments when the blue-green layer became just one green layer. See, the thing about layered drinks is that you need to experiment with liquid densities so that you don’t mess up the colours, and you need to have a very steady hand. Unfortunately, I don’t have the steadiest of hands, but all things can be trained. Just hold your breath, and pour. We made several attempts and this is the one that succeeded finally.

The Bazooka Joe is a beautiful layered shot with a creamy quality and a bubblegum-y sweet flavour. Some variants of this drink says to shake it up and then serve, but we felt that the colours are just too pretty to mix, and it’s a shot anyway. It can mix on its own, on its way down your esophagus. Ok, what you need for this shot is Irish Cream, Blue Curacao, and banana liqueur.

Bazooka Joe - What You Need

Baileys Irish Cream; Wenneker Blue Curacao; Wenneker Creme De Banane

The recipe:
1 part Irish Cream
1 part Blue Curacao
1 part banana liqueur

Bazooka Joe - Equal Parts

Equal parts of each

We’ll start with the Blue Curacao; pour it into a shot glass. Next, take the banana liqueur and gently tip it into the Blue Curacao. Do this very slowly so that the 2 parts don’t mix up, preserving the gorgeous 2 part layer.

Bazooka Joe - Pour Gently

Pour gently. Creme De Bananes will mix a little and then settle on top of the Blue Curacao in a green layer.

Lastly, gently trickle the Irish Cream down the back of a teaspoon to top off the shot. The Irish Cream will float elegantly right on the top.

Bazooka Joe - Floating the Irish Cream

Floating the Irish Cream

Bazooka Joe

Voila! A Bazooka Joe!

Bazooka Joe - Cheers


Just FYI: The Bazooka Joe was created in commemoration of a brand of bubble gum of the same name due to its resemblance in taste. This is as close as you can get to drinking bubble gum.


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